Do the locomotion! The secret of the rhythm of Walking!

Do the locomotion! The secret of the rhythm of Walking!

Upright walking is unique to us, and most of us get the basics down by the time we are 12 months old.  Locomotion is programmed into our basic nervous system functions ( we don't need to think about it when we walk).  Sensory signals then help shape or modify our movements, specific to the demands.  When talking about walking locomotion, the term frequently used is gait.

Watch how people walk. Do they simply stride with arms at their sides in a stiff upright position?  No!  instead you will notice a rhythm and relationship between the leg stride, arm swing and trunk rotation. Walking is like dancing, as we explain in the next sections.

Most research indicates that the coordination of walking is a centralized ( nervous system) control, where a pattern of signals is generated for normal walking. For this reason, a disruption in walking patterns could indicate a problem with the central nervous system.

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