In response to inquires from local schools about raising environmental awareness through fundraising, Activital has created a fundraising opportunity.

The Product: We have created a customized print for school fundraising, which we combine with a pair of Activital foot supporter socks into to an unique 2-pack.

How it works?

Activital provides fundraising information sheets, order-forms and a few product samples for show Once the fundraising period is over and all order-forms tallied, the fundraising committee will submit their order.  Activital will ship out within 14 business days from payment receipt.

How much does my school get? The children will sell each pack for $30, of which $10 will go to the fundraising. Consequently, the school will purchase each pack for $20. That is a 40% gross profit for your school! If shipping is required, the school is responsible for the shipping cost — if you want to useActivital’s shipping service then the cost is $0.25 per pair.

How to get started? Just fill out the form at the bottom and we will contact you promptly!