ENERGY TAPE-Elastic Kinesiology Therapeutic Athletic Tape (2 inch Width × 13.12 feet Length )

3.1 oz
$15.84 $21.44
    • Comfortable to wear for up to 3 days

    • Stays on in the water

    • Durable 100% Synthetic Fibers are highly breathable

    • Energy Tape strips can be cut and applied using the edema taping technique to help provide swelling and inflammation relief.

    • Energy Tape products can be used for alternative medical uses in an emergency such as splinting and bracing.

Item Description
This tape has a certain elasticity, and when it is applied along the muscles, it helps prevent and protect muscle disorders. In addition, when copper (+) and aluminum (-), which have a potential difference, are spread on the adhesive surface and applied to the human body, weak electricity is generated, and a weak electric current stimulates the body. In addition, the copper's sterilizing effect can be used to treat foot odor.

Cotton, aluminum, copper, acrylic adhesive

Customer Reviews

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Kate Park
better have pre-cut

Quality seems to be pretty great and work on my shoulder. But gotta cut when I use it. Better have pre cut tape.

E. Sullivan
Needs to be cheaper

It’s great but I wish it wasn’t SO much more expensive than the regular kt tape.

I also believe it doesn’t stick as strong. My skin still gets a little itchy from this, but less so than regular tape. I have h-EDS so my skin is insanely sensitive and fragile, regular tape causes rashes and literally tears my skin off. This is much gentler and doesn’t tear.

But the price difference from regular kt tape is insane, it’s like 2x as much or more.

Brendan Copely
Works well but can injure skin if used two days in a row

This is a very great tape. It has a good deal of stretch and stays put even I showered. This is the tape I’ve used that pulled my skin off in a couple places. It did not pull skin from areas like my foot but areas of softer flesh like the calf/Achilles area. I still use it but only for one day. If I use it in the same place two days in a row it removes some skin. However, it’s great to patch up feet- no problem.

Stacy A
This has brought me some serious relief.

I absolutely cannot believe how amazing this tape has worked on my aching joint & my back pain that I get due to an old injury. I swear this stuff is for real! I'm nearly 50 years old and have put my body through a lot lately with remodeling & my knees were hurting so much as well as my back and neck. I'm in pretty good shape and work out, but I guess I pushed my body to the limit so when my physical therapist put this on a recent injury site (because of muscle spasms), it worked so well on alleviating those daily muscle spasms, so I bought more to try on other aches and pains. I was shocked it actually helped and I was able to reduce my pain medicine. I love the chart that is included on how to apply in different areas, too. I can't believe my doctor never recommended this years ago for my neck/back injury. Glad my physical therapist introduced me to this tape.

Thomas Barker
Best tape ever

I have been using various brands of sports tape over the past five years and this kinesiology energy tape is definitely the best. Great adhesion and just the right thickness to have an effect. Highly recommended.