Activital Foot Supporter "HYBRID" - Athletic Compression Deluxe Socks

4.5 oz
$30.76 $34.49
  • Pain Relief: Our innovative Foot supporter use compression to gently apply pressure to the center of your feet, stimulating blood flow to ease pain and discomfort.

  • Foot Support: By gently applying targeted compression to the arch of your foot, our foot compression sleeves act as a support system to the fascia ligament.

  • Day & Night Comfort: Our compression socks easily slip shoes for the best support, all day long. You can even wear them to bed!

  • Workout-Friendly: Whether you're walking, running, dancing, or standing, our arch support sleeves provide ankle support while helping reduce sports injuries.

  • Perfect Fit: Consult the size chart to find the foot sleeve that won't slip or slide and will offer the right support, every step you take. Size down for more compression.

Customer Reviews

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I love these socks but Activital isn’t providing customer service

I’ve posted a GLOWING review in the past. Sadly, I placed a large order on 8/8/23… and I’ve NEVER received it. (Today is 8/21/23). The usps tracking shows the package label created but no package ever dropped off by Activital. Email… no reply to-date. And phoning the listed number goes to a Google Voice number with no outgoing message identifying the # still is for Activital. I’m about to have to dispute the charge.

Louis Burruezo
To small

I sent them an email about being to small , I don’t think they care , looked like a nice pair of socks. Just poor customer service

So far so good.

I bought the hybrid for my daughter who plays soccer and I am very happy with it as it prevents ankle injuries. I think I will try the shorter version next.

takes 3 days

Very effective as ankle pain relief. I'm wondering if the silicone on the sole will come off in the washing machine. I've only washed them three times, so they're fine for now. I received them within 3 days of ordering, which I think is pretty fast. It would be more convenient if they sold it on Amazon.

Not what I expected.

I bought these socks for my daughter and I to share the pack. My foot is bigger than hers and the sock feels loose when you wear it. The colors are pretty though so they have become walk around the house socks. Hope they were cheaper.