Activital Foot Supporter - Athletic Compression Socks

2.6 oz
$22.99 $28.99
  • Pain Relief: Our innovative Foot supporter use compression to gently apply pressure to the center of your feet, stimulating blood flow to ease pain and discomfort.

  • Foot Support: By gently applying targeted compression to the arch of your foot, our foot compression sleeves act as a support system to the fascia ligament.

  • Day & Night Comfort: Our compression socks easily slip shoes for the best support, all day long. You can even wear them to bed!

  • Workout-Friendly: Whether you're walking, running, dancing, or standing, our arch support sleeves provide ankle support while helping reduce sports injuries.

  • Perfect Fit: Consult the size chart to find the foot sleeve that won't slip or slide and will offer the right support, every step you take. Size down for more compression.

  • about 2.4oz (68g)

Customer Reviews

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Takumi Ota

Activital Foot Supporter - Athletic compression socks

Masahito Okuda
Comfortable to wear

I was able to play soccer comfortably with socks that fit my feet firmly.

Jun Onoe
Tabi style socks

The style of the socks is based on the traditional Japanese style socks called Tabi Shoes, and they provide stability and security to my ankles even when I play soccer. I don't feel that they hold my feet in place, so they do not affect me during play, and they are sturdy without any problems such as holes. I would definitely recommend them to people who play other intensive sports.

Mike Abe
My third purchase

This is my third purchase. I am satisfied with the feeling that it holds my ankle in place properly. It would be nice to get a sample or something.

Matt Goldman
Want to have one for ice hockey

There are three types of socks, but which one is best for ice hockey players? It would be more useful to have recommendations by sport.